Traveling this December? We’ve Got Some Packing Tips For You!

Packing for the holidays can sometimes be stressful, especially if you leave it to the very last minute, which quite frankly ends up happening 90% of the time. For mum’s its even more intense because you not only have to pack for yourself, but your kids too. Between choosing what clothes to take, worrying if you’ve forgotten something and crossing your fingers on whether that suitcase will close, packing can very easily have you breaking a sweat! We’ve listed a few tips that we think might make packing for your next trip a lot easier and maybe even enjoyable. Key word, maybe.


Make a list

If you decide to take nothing else from this article, take this. Drawing up a list will solve half, if not all your packing woes. There’s literally nothing worse than forgetting to pack something and realizing too late when you’re already miles away from home.Make sure you write every single thing that you feel you will need during the duration of your trip  and remember to check against each item as you place it in your suitcase. If you’re super organized, you can even categorize your list so that it makes your packing easier. This way, we can guarantee, you’ll not forget anything.

Travel size toiletry bottles

Travel Friendly Containers Are Your Friends

Using travel friendly containers will save you a lot of stress during your holiday. It saves up on space in your suitcase, makes sure that you use only what you need and helps you avoid the “dreaded toss” at the airport security check if you’ve carried liquids that measure way beyond the limit.


Review the airline baggage policy

Whether you’re travelling aboard, or locally, it is extremely important to check what the baggage allowance for the airline or any other chosen travel vessel you may be using, is. This will help you understand what size of suitcase to carry, how many you should carry and the amount of stuff that you can pack for your holiday. Trust us, you don’t want to begin your holiday parting with your hard earned coins to pay for extra baggage or even worse, tossing some of it out!

Overnight carry on Tote

Hand luggage Essentials

Missing or left luggage is something that happens to travelers more often than not. It is extremely frustrating and can leave you feeling stranded in more ways than one. This is why you need to pack essentials in your hand luggage, so that if anything happens, you have a backup with you. We recommend a change of clothes, a mini toilet bag and if you’re traveling with kids, a toy or book for some in-flight entertainment.


Layer up

If you’re flying to your holiday destination, it’s important to carry something that will keep you warm during the flight as the aircraft can get cold due to the air conditioning system. A scarf or light sweater should be enough to keep you from catching the sniffles!

Portable hand luggage electronic scale

Pack Light

In case you are travelling to a destination that might have you shop till you drop, we suggest you pack as light as you can so that you don’t have to buy another suitcase to accommodate all the shopping you do. A change of clothes for two or three days should be sufficient to take you through the first few days of your trip without taking too much space in your suitcase.


Pack by outfit

Organizing your outfits by how you will wear them can make the packing process a lot simpler and give you less stress when deciding to what to wear during your holiday. It will also ensure that you don’t carry more than you need which means more space! Win!

Fiest Aid kit

Emergency /health kit

As much as you don’t want to think about medical emergencies during your vacay, it is important to carry an emergency medical kit in case anyone falls sick or gets hurt. Better safe than sorry!


Travel storage bags

Have a holiday makeup bag

When you’re on holiday, you probably don’t want to spend hours putting on makeup because either the weather won’t be in your favor, or you’d much rather spend that time sipping a cocktail by the beach or getting some much needed retail therapy.  On that note, minimal makeup will do for your trip, so instead of carrying a huge makeup bag, pack only the essentials and switch up  your look with different lip colors!

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