The Healthy Banana Bread Recipe You Have To Try Out!

I doubt there is any one in the world that loves bread as much as we do at This Is Essential. I mean, we’re talking demolishing all the bread in the bread baskets served at restaurants and almost asking for more (if we are being honest here), eating 4-6 slices of bread in one sitting, guilt-free might I add and generally just day dreaming about bread if and when we have the chance to.

I’m not sure if banana bread still counts as bread bread, but we are into it, and what’s best is that we found a healthy version of it and fell in love immediately! The recipe calls for a substitution of ingredients that would otherwise be termed as unhealthy and is a beautiful spin on an already very tasty bake. We added some roughly chopped dark chocolate to the mix. Pure Magic.

The ingredients for this recipe are listed below.

Whether you choose to make it on a lazy Sunday afternoon or mid-week, we guarantee you’ll absolutely love it!



1 cup Bananas, ripe

2 Eggs

½ cup Honey/ Maple Syrup (shop here)

1tsp Baking Soda (shop here)

½ tsp Cinnamon, ground (shop here)

½ tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla Extract (shop here)

1 ¾ Cups Whole wheat flour/ regular whole wheat flour, white (shop here)

1/3 Cup Coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil or high quality vegetable oil (shop here)

¼ Cup Milk of Choice or water

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