6 Chic Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Well-Deserved Face Lift

Few things are more comforting than walking into a clean, airy and stylish bathroom – one that doesn’t make you want to double down on toilet paper over the toilet seat and still squat two inches above for good measure.

Bathrooms are meant to be a relaxing place; one where you get to indulge in long hot showers (or soak in a bath, should you be so lucky), pamper yourself and ultimately cleanse your body and mind. And whilst we may think being fully stocked with toilet paper is all a bathroom needs – and we can’t stress the importance of this enough – there’s something about a clean and tastefully decorated bathroom that’ll make anyone feel more at ease in your home.

If you happen to be living in a rented apartment, then this leaves you with little-to-no options to remodel or introduce new fixtures to your space. That being said, there are a few things you can do to elevate your bathroom experience for you and your guests – especially if you happen to live in a studio apartment where the powder room doubles up as where you regularly get ready from.

Ahead are 6 chic moments you can create in your bathroom that will make you and your guests feel quite at home and refreshed, no matter how big or small the room is.

Get a Gorgeous Shower Curtain

One quick way to introduce some character into your bathroom is through your shower curtain. This is a quick and fun way to play with colour, print and personality.


Introduce Greenery

It’s an unexpected touch but it’s bound to make the bathroom feel more outdoorsy. And who doesn’t love the charm of an outdoor shower? If you’ve got a small bathroom or aren’t exactly blessed with a green thumb, then a small succulent will do the trick. And if you really can’t be bothered having any real plants, then invest in an artificial plant and place it in a beautiful sisal basket to add more character to it.


Don’t Underestimate a Good Bath Mat

So you’ve carefully considered everything else that goes into your bathroom and decide to flop an old, grey-ish/brown, unused towel on the floor as your bath mat… not going to work! A chic bathmat can do wonders for a dated bathroom. Consider getting a long runner to compliment your theme to give it a sophisticated and unexpected touch

Invest in a Fancy Hand Soap and Towel

Before you absolutely write this part off, hear us out. The towel will last forever and as for the hand wash? Well, keep the bottle and refill it with your regular hand wash thereafter! But this is one of those quick easy tricks to make your powder room feel a lot more sophisticated. And if you really want to make things even more thoughtful for your guests, then add a hand cream.


One Man’s Trash…

Most people forget to include a trash can in the bathroom but you’d be surprised how convenient it is for guests. If you’re looking for a softer touch, consider getting a sisal basket in a pattern or colour that compliments your taste.

Storage Options Will Go a Long Way

You know those bobby pins or hair bands that are usually lying haphazardly across your sink? Or the 18 bottles of hair oils, leave-in conditioners and curling butters that you swear by that are generally all over the place? Or the wet towel and bath robe that you can never figure out where to hang? Well those deserve a new home. Invest in some beautiful wicker baskets (that thankfully a lot of Nairobi artisans create) and some wall hooks for your robes and towels.


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